10x EMOM:

5x Front Squats (205/135#)

Max Russian KB Swings (70/55#)


Use a rack for the front squats. The squats should be unbroken. If it is beyond your ability, please use 70-75%1RM. If you miss front squat reps before the minute expires, you must add them onto the next round before completing any RKBS. Your score is the number of RKBS.

Core Stability:

The Wheel!

5 Rounds:

5x V-Ups

Alligator Crawl (FWD)

10x Side Knee Tucks

Alligator Crawl (BKWD)



Split Jerk w/3sec Pause in the Catch



Chinese Barbell Rows

3xME Heavy (think less than 10 reps heavy


Dbl KB Sots Press