EMOM Alternating & Building:

Back Squat (5x5)

Strict Press (5x5)



30x Muscle Ups

30x Deadlifts (315/205#) or 75%1RM

300x Double Unders


Divide up the reps as you wish, but each transition from one movement to the other requires 3x Strict Burpee Pull Ups (Strict Push Up & Strict Pull Up) @6″ Above Reach.

30 Minute Time Cap.


Weightlifting (Week #5):

Muscle Snatch + Snatch Push Press + OHS 4x(2+2+2)

Power Snatch + OHS (2s Pause) + Snatch (2s Pause Bottom) 5x(1+1+1) HAP

Push Press + BTN Jerk + Jerk (5s Hold Split) 5x(1+1+1) HBP

Jerk Dips (5x3) HBP

Speedy Floor Press@70% (20x3): EMOM or E30sO30s (Whichever you can maintain.)

DB Incline (5x20)

200x DB Rows (AFSAP)