Strength (MEU):

1RM Weighted Dip

1xME @ 50%1RM

1ME @ BW

1ME @ Band Assisted



“INDY 500”

Row (Calories)

Double Unders (3:1 SNG)

Clean & Jerk@80%1RM (1C&J=5Reps)

HSPU (1Strict=5Reps / 1Kipping=3Reps)

Box Jumps (24/20″)


Your goals is to complete 500 RepsĀ as fast as possible.

  • You must do 10 Reps minimum of each movement.
  • You cannot do over 100 Reps of any single movement.



Push Press + Jerk

  • @50% 2x(3+1)
  • @60% 2x(3+1)
  • @65% 1x(3+1)

Hang Power Snatch (Below Knee) @50% (3x3)


1RM Floor Press

Tate Presses (3x12)

Prone Incline Windmills (3x12)

100x Bandy Push Downs

GHD Sit Ups to Parallel w/Max Plate (4x8)