CrossFit WatchTower in Denver Colorado

Tomorrow is Halloween! Come dressed up as one of the WatchTower Coaches on Tuesday. Your choice- Megan, Lena, Missy, Pat, Eli, or Kevin. (You can also come in any costume you want, you just won’t be in the running for some prizes.) You MUST Complete the workout in that costume. The Coaches of WatchTower are going to vote on the Top 3 Best Coaches Costumes.

Top 3 get Prizes:
1st Place- $30 off your next month at CFWT

2nd Place- You get to choose 2 workouts that will be used over the following 2 weeks

3rd Place- 4 Pack of Kill Cliff & 2 Single Serve Progenex Protein Packets



1RM Front Squat



50/30Cal Airdyne

50x KB Swings (70/55#)

50/30Cal Airdyne


WOD from: CrossFit Invictus

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