Attention CrossFit WatchTowerians!

New CrossFit Class (7:00AM-8:00AM):

Starting Monday, November 6th 2017, we are no longer offering the 11:00AM Weightlifting Class. BUT don’t worry! CFWT added other times to come get your fitness on.  We are now offering a 7:00AM CrossFit Class Monday-Friday! The time slot will be on a 1 Month Trial Period. We need you to get you and your friends’ butts into the 7:00AM class if you want us to keep it. So bring yourself, some friends, or just some people you want to see suffer. (Also read below about our new Referral Program below.)

MetCon30 Class (11:15-11:45AM):

Additionally, CFWT added a new MetCon30 Class from 11:15AM-11:45AM! MetCon30 is a 30 minute class that allows you to “get fit and get out” for those with a limited amount of gym time. This class is perfect for people who want to hit a workout on their lunch break (and we even have a shower so you don’t stink when you go back to work).  MetCon30 will consist of a warmup, workout, and cool down. It is based off of the same principles and methodologies we utilize within regular CrossFit Classes, minus the barbell. MetCon30 is a great class for beginners and longtime CrossFit members.  We will be offering memberships specific to this class. If you have a full CFWT Membership with us already, this class is covered under that membership. In other words, it will cost exactly $0 for our current members to get in a nice 30 minute quick hitter! (Any question pertaining to this please email me at The 11:15-11:45AM time slot is also on a 1 Month Trial Period, so make sure you get into these classes if you want it to stick around.

Membership Referral Program ($20 Off):

Finally, we have revamped our Membership Referral Program.  Now, not only do you get $20 off for every friend that signs up for a membership, your friend gets $20 off their first month, too!  This doesn’t stop at just $20 a month. It’s for every friend that signs up with no limit on how many friends you can bring.  Bring in enough of your friends and you’ll get your next month at WatchTower Free! You’ll be helping us grow our already great community.