CrossFit WatchTower in Englewood Colorado


CrossFit (7:00-8:00AM) Monday-Friday

MetCon30 (11:15-11:45AM) Monday/Wednesday/Thursday


Teams of 2:

800M WB/KB Run

100x Partner Pistols

100x KB Snatches (55/35#)

100x Pull Over Sit Ups (12/8#)

800M WB/KB Run

In the first 800M run, one teammate carries the wallball and the other teammate carries the kettlebell. The teammates will switch objects on the second 800M run. 100 pistols will be performed simultaneously by both teammates (50 each leg per teammate). Only one teammate can work at a time on KB Snatches (25 per arm per teammate). Finally, teammates will do 100 pull over sit ups at least 6 foot apart with 50 throws per teammate. All the Pistols must be finished before moving on to KB Snatches, and all KB Snatches must be done before moving on to Pull Over Sit Ups. Teammates will complete the 800M runs with the equipment used for snatches and sit ups.