7x EOMOM: 60FT. Stability Bar Walks.

This should be a manageable weight for you to strict press overhead. Alternate minutes with a partner.



10x EMOM:

5x Front Squats (205/135#)

Max Russian KB Swings (70/55#)

Use a rack. You need to be able to do 5x UB front squats at the beginning. If this is beyond your ability, please use 70-75%1RM. If you miss front squat reps ,you must make them up the following minute before you move on to the Russian KB Swings (RKBS). Your score is the total number of RKBS. Your goal is 100+ Reps.

Compare to: CFWT 2016APR19 


AB CHALLENGE DAY #1 Brought to you by Becca (Voigt) Miller

Bicycle Sit Ups (2x50)