CrossFit Open 2018 – CF WatchTower Partner Comp

Guys and Gals of CrossFit WatchTower, The CrossFit Games Open is just over a week away. I hope you’re signed up (if not go to and register)!

We will be doing the Open workouts Thursday Nights as a Gym after the workouts are announced. We’ll have a nice little watch party then hit the workout directly afterwards. This year we are going to do teams of 2 so find a friend and we’ll have a fun little in house competition going for the Open! Don’t worry doing well on the workouts is not the only way to get points, other ways to get points are listed below

– Signing up for the Open at
– Doing the Workouts on Thursday Nights with the gym
– Matching Outfits for you and your partner for Thursday Nights
– Completing Every Week of the Open
– Team Closest to guessing the top score each week
– Taking the Judges Course
– Coming Up with a Creative Team Name
– Getting One of our Powerlifting friends to Actually do an Open Workout with us
– Bringing Friends on Thursday Night to hit the Open Workouts

Can’t make Thursday Nights? Don’t worry we’ll have some time available for you to get the workouts in! Just talk to Kevin to get setup with a Time and a Judge. You won’t be able to just jump into a class and hit the Open workout, so please, if you can’t make it to Thursday, don’t just come into any class and expect the coach at the time to accommodate you.

No approval From Kevin = No Doing the Open Workout

Let’s have some fun and some friendly competition this Open Season!

Team and Team Names must be turned in and finalized by the end of the 1st week of the Open. So get your partner and team together as soon as you can!

When you Register for the Open sign up to be Part of the CrossFit WatchTower Affiliate and Team