Unilateral Strength Cycle (6 Weeks) – Coach Eli

We’re going to do something a little different from our typical strength work over the next 6 weeks. In Crossfit, we spend a lot of time going fast. We cycle through movements like thrusters and deadlifts as fast as possible because, well, that’s the point. However, speed can cover up weaknesses and imbalances. Momentum can carry you through that point in your squat where you really don’t have much control and can mask the fact that your right arm does a lot more work than the left in a push press. So, we’re going to focus on the foundations of such dynamic movements in an effort to make them more efficient. More efficient movement is stronger, faster and safer. 

Generally speaking, over the next 6 weeks we will start with movements that require a little less balance and stability and move toward those with higher such demands. We will also start moving pretty slowly and pick up speed as we go. Adherence to the prescribed tempo is absolutely critical and should be the primary determinant of the weight used. You’ll notice there are no weight recommendations. Simply put, be challenged by the tempo, not the weight, and choose the latter accordingly. 

The primary takeaway should be that we want you guys to feel every inch of the movements we’ll be performing. Learning to control the entire range of motion of a given movement will make you stronger, faster and less prone to injury. I hope that you’ll be surprised with what you learn about your own movement, and how much focusing on these foundations can impact your overall strength and performance. Each session is meant to build upon the last, so if you miss one, do yourself a favor and make it up.