No Classes at CrossFit WatchTower on Saturday-Sunday (2019FEB16-FEB17). Lord of the Lifts, Return of the King & Queen is at CrossFit LoDo. Weightlifting (Saturday) & Powerlifting (Sunday). Stop by to Cheer on the Meatheads! 



“Death by Cluster” 

Minute 1: 1x Cluster (115/75#)

Minute 2: 2x Clusters (115/75#)

Minute 3: 3x Clusters (115/75#)…Etc.

*Cluster = Squat Clean Thruster

Continue until you cannot complete the required amount of reps within the minute. 


WOD: HyperFit


Core Stability: 

3 Rounds: 

10x Strict TTB or Knee-to-Armpit

30s Adduction Biased Side Plank (Each)

10x Barbell Seated Good Mornings (Light & Slow)