4 Strongman Events for Best Score on Each!

Do the Events in Any Order BUT you only get 4mins Between Events

Event 1:

Stone Ladder EMOM

  • If you make it to the final stone its an AMRAP with that stone in a Minute


Event 2:

Zurcher Carry For Max Distance at Body Weight

  • Once you set the bar down your distance is marked and that’s your score
  • Zurcher Carry will be performed on the side of the building.  Meaning it’s outside, so please be careful dropping the barbells.


Event 3:

10min to Establish a Max Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press

  • Must complete weight on both sides
  • We will have the gymnastic mats for you to drop the DBs onto after you lock out OR after a failed attempt please use these instead of dropping them on the ground OR yourself.


Event 4:

Max Effort Axle Bar Deadlift Hold 185/125#

  • Bar must be held Double Overhand
  • 1 Attempt
  • 1 Mulligan on any attempt under 1min

Yoga @ 10:45AM