Yoga 2019SEP06 (Friday) @ 10:30AM
Faith RX 2019SEP06 (Friday) @ 6:30PM
Thundrbro Seminar 2019SPE07 (Saturday) – No Classes or Weightlifting. A home workout will be provided. 



Hang Power Snatch (Above Knee) + Hang Squat Snatch (Below Knee) + Squat Snatch @70% 3x(1+1+3)



30 – 20 – 10x

Walking Lunges – High Carry (70/55#)*

KB Swings (70/55#)

Shoot Thru (with Push Up & Dip)


*Only 1 Kettlebell. On the walking lunges, the KB should be held in the rack position in front of the body. In other words, the KB should not be set on the shoulder or out to the side. The KB will be held for 15x steps on the right & 15x steps on the left. 


Concept from CrossFit Minneapolis