10AMRAP (for Quality): PICK ONE

Muscle Up: 

3-5 Rounds: 

4x Toe-Thru-Rings

3x Rings-to-Hips

2x Muscle Ups

1x Ring Dip



3-5 Rounds: 

4x Kip Swings

3x Kip Swings (Knees Up + Press Down) – Don’t Pull Early

2x Pull Ups (Push Away from the Bar)

1x Toe-to-Bar


Everyone should start at the beginning of the progression. Work to the point you cannot compete the progression & focus on that portion. If you are advanced at kipping & muscle ups, try to go unbroken on the steps, but perform perfect movement. 




343x Sandbag Weighted Step Ups (45#-24″/35#/20″)

ADVANCED: Wear a Weight Vest in addition to the Sandbag. 

343 Step Ups for the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives on 9/11. 


WOD from Coach Missy.