Focus: APRE6  Push Press WK5/8

50% of 3RM x 10

75% of 3RM x 6

100% of 3RM x ME

Adjusted Wt. x ME

adjust weight according to how many reps are made in first max rep set

WOD:  Remembrance Day WOD

AMRAP 3 min x 4 with 2 min rest

11 Db devil press 35/20

11 Box Jumps  20/24

31 DU


11th month

11th day

31st year (1931)


For Those who would like to we will also be doing the Workout “Chad” to bring awareness to Veteran Suicide. It is a longer workout so plan to be here for over an hour.  


For Time:
1,000 Step Ups onto 20 inch box wearing weighted pack. (45 lb / 35 lb)

Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson, 43, stationed in Virginia Beach, VA, took his own life on October 29, 2018. Wilkinson was an active duty SEAL for 22 years.

Chad is survived by his wife, Sara. When Sara spoke at her husband’s funeral, she recounted a recent story when she walked into the garage to find Chad doing step-ups wearing a backpack. He was training to climb Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, by doing 1,000 step-ups at a time.

CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro along with Jimi Letchford, James Hobart, and Adrian Bozman completed this workout on December 14, 2018 to pay tribute to Castro’s friend and fellow SEAL. After Castro posted the workout to social media to raise awareness of Veteran suicide, the work-out quickly became popular and well-known to the entire CrossFit community.

Real Talk on Veteran Suicide Prevention:


1,833 American service members have died in combat in the war in Afghanistan.
3,836 American service members have died in combat in the war in Iraq.
33,686 American service members died in combat in the Korean War.
47,424 American service members died in combat in the war in Vietnam.
53,402 American service members died in combat in World War I.

But since 9/11, over 108,000 American veterans have killed themselves…

Hopefully that number stops you in your tracks. It means that statistically, an American service member in the last 20 years has been nearly 20 times more likely to die by their own hand than while fighting an actual war. And the number of veteran suicides these last two decades is higher than the combat deaths of Vietnam, World War I, Iraq, and Afghanistan COMBINED.


This is a tragedy that has to be addressed. It cannot continue.


10 min smash

foam roll low back, Hamstrings & Lats