P1- 0 Pullups 

3 sets of max hang from pull up bar with 1 minute rest between sets. Cash out: 5 reps 7 second struggle up.

P2- 1 Pullup

4 sets of 10 challenging ring rows, followed by 45 second hollow hold

P3- 5 Pullups

As many kipping pull ups in 5 minutes

P4- 10/7 Pullups

5 sets of 10 negative pull ups. Do a strict pull up and lower yourself down on a 10 count if possible.

P5- 15/10 Pullups

100 kipping pull ups for time.



3 Rounds

7 Front Squats 165/115lbs

14 Ring Dips

21cal Echo Bike




Banded TKEs per Leg

Banded Tris Per Arm