Saturday (2018DEC01) – TeamWOD

You can never have enough toilet paper…& duct tape doesn’t fix everything (but almost). 



Teams of 2

5 Rounds (Each Teammate):

5x Bar Muscle Ups

10Cal. Airdyne

5x Sandbag-to-Shoulder (80/60#)

10x Sandbag Front Rack Lunges (80/60#)

Teammates Alternate Rounds Until Both Complete 5 Rounds.


Concept From: Marcus Filly

Friday (2018NOV30) – WOD


50x Ball Slams (40/30#)

40x Ring Push Ups

30x Deadlift (135/95#)

20x Ring Dips

10x Renegade ManMakers (35/25#)


Core Stability: 

3 Rounds (NFT):

1 Minute Weighted Chinese Plank Hold

20x DB Wood Choppers (10 Each Direction)

30FT. Low Lateral Bear Crawl (Each Direction)

Thursday (2018NOV29) – WOD

When I am sore from the gym and everything hurts…



5 Rounds:


150M Row

ME Handstand Walk

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds.




Tuesday (2018NOV27) – WOD

When Legless Rope Climbs are in the WOD.



0:00-1:00: 1x Legless Rope Climb

1:00-2:00: 2x Burpees

2:00-3:00: 1x Legless Rope Climb

3:00-4:00: 4x Burpees

4:00-5:00: 1x Legless Rope Climb

5:00-6:00: 6x Burpees

6:00-7:00: 1x Legless Rope Climb

7:00-8:00: 8x Burpees

8:00-9:00: 1x Legless Rope Climb

9:00-10:00: 10x Burpees…ETC.

Continue until you cannot complete the work within the minute.


From: Pat Sherwood



4 Rounds:

Row 40s ON / 15s OFF

Row 30s ON / 30s OFF

Row 15s ON / 45s OFF

If you are really ambitious today, do 10 Rounds (“ 181108“).


From: Coach Lena

Monday (2018NOV26) – WOD


12 Minutes:

Snatch Pull + High Hang Squat Snatch

Work up to a heavy complex in 5-7 working sets.




12x Double KB Deadlifts (2x55/35#)

50M Double KB Farmer Carry (2x55/35#)

12x Double KB Russian Swings (2x55/35#)

50M Double KB Front Rack Walk (2x55/35#)


Saturday (2018NOV24) – WOD

Holiday Schedule: 
Saturday (2018NOV24): 9:30AM Class & 10:30AM Lifting (Normal Schedule)



5AMRAP: Airdyne or Ski Erg (Calories)

4AMRAP: Turkish Sit Ups (35/25# Plate)

3AMRAP: Pull Ups

2AMRAP: OH Walking Lunges (35/25# Plate)

1AMRAP: Power Snatches (135/95#)

Friday (2018NOV23) – WOD

Holiday Schedule: 
Friday (2018NOV23): 12:00PM (Noon) Class Only
Saturday (2018NOV24): 9:30AM Class & 10:30AM Lifting (Normal Schedule)



5 Rounds (E5MO5M):


250M Row

150FT. Farmer Carry (70/55#)

AMRAP: Hand Release Push Ups

(2 People Per Rower.)



20x E30sO30s:

5x Burpees

150FT Run

Thursday (2018NOV22) – Thanksgiving TeamWOD

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Holiday Schedule: 
Thursday (2018NOV22): 8:00AM Class Only
Friday (2018NOV23): 12:00PM Class Only
Saturday (2018NOV24): 9:30AM Class & 10:30AM Lifting (Normal Schedule)



(Teams of 2)

100Cal. Row

50x DB Thrusters (50/35#)

50x TTB

80Cal. Row

40x DB Thrusters (50/35#)

40x TTB

60Cal. Row

30x DB Thrusters (50/35#)

30x TTB

40Cal. Row

20x DB Thrusters (50/35#)

20x TTB


From: Coach Eli



ROMWOD, Family, Friends, & Good Food.


Wednesday (2018NOV21) – “Dork”

Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy, 33, of Boston, Massachusetts, died fighting a nine-alarm fire on March 26, 2014. Kennedy served with the Boston Fire Department for six and a half years and was a Marine Corps sergeant who served a tour in Iraq before that. He had a big presence in his local CrossFit community, coaching and training at several affiliates, including CrossFit Craic, CrossFit Florian, CrossFit Together and CrossFit HomeBase. He is survived by his girlfriend, Sarah Wessman, and many other beloved friends and family members.

Holiday Schedule: 
Wednesday (2018NOV21): No 5:30PM or 6:30PM Classes
Thursday (2018NOV22): 8:00AM Class Only
Friday (2018NOV23): 12:00PM Class Only
Saturday (2018NOV24): 9:30AM Class & 10:30AM Lifting (Normal Schedule)



“Dork” (“ 181010“)

6 Rounds:

60x Double Unders

30x KB Swings (70/55#)

15x Burpees


Core Stability:

3 Rounds (NFT):

1 Minute Hip March w/Wallball

20x Bandy Bicycles

30s Star Plank