Tuesday (2018OCT09) – WOD

How it is like with short out & back runs like today.



3 Rounds:

10x Hollow Rocks

10x Kip Swings

30s Nose-&-Toes to Wall or Free-Standing Handstand Hold




50M KB Farmer Carry (2x55/35#)

10x KB Step Ups – High Carry (2x55/35#) (24/20″)

Rest 2 Minutes


50M Run

10x Box Jumps (24/20″)


WOD: “Country Western Sprechgesang Sequel” (2013AUG08) from CFMK

Monday (2018OCT08) – WOD


Hip Thrusts (5x5) – Heavy




Max Effort Unbroken Thrusters (135/95#)

250M Row

Score: Total Thrusters


WOD: “White Knuckled Jettison” from CFMK

Saturday (2018OCT06) – WOD


Teams of 4:

2 Rounds Each Teammate:

500M Row

AMRAP: Stone-to-Shoulders (95/70#)

AMRAP: Muscle Ups (MOD: Chest-to-Ring + Toe-Through-Ring)

AMRAP:  HSPU (3:1 Strict Press)


Teammates cannot switch movements until the 500M Row is complete, and they have to stay in order. If you don’t have 4 teammates, still complete 4 rounds of Rowing but you can eliminate one movement of the team’s choice.

Score: WOD Time – Max Reps


WOD: “High-Tide Team Tyranny” from CFMK

Friday (2018OCT05) – WOD


18x EMOM

Even: *

1x Rope Climb

9x Wallballs (20/14#)

Odd: *

8x Ball Slams (40/30#)

4x Ring Dips

*Snatch @ 80%1RM: As time allows after the EMOMs, do as many snatches as possible at 80%1RM.


Score: Number of Snatches & Weight.

Penalty: If you don’t finish the EMOM, it is 2x Burpees for every missed rep after the EMOM is over.


WOD: “Give ‘Em the Aybird Mensch” (2013AUG05) from CFMK.




Thursday (2018OCT04) – WOD

Those Dumbbells Aren’t Going to Lift Themselves… 



5 Rounds:

200M Run

1 Round of DB “DT” (50/35#)

“DT”: 12x Deadlifts, 9x Hang Power Cleans, 6x Push Jerks.


WOD: Coach Eli


Core Stability:

3 Rounds:

10x Deck Squats (15#)

20s Side Plank (Each) – On Elbows

30FT Alligator Crawl (Feet on 2.5#-5# Plate)

Wednesday (2018OCT03) – WOD



10x Alternating DB Snatches (70/50#)

40FT OH Walking Lunge (Right Arm) (70/50#)

40Ft OH Walking Lunge (Left Arm) (70/50#)


WOD:   HyperFit (2018SEP19)



4 Rounds:

45s Battle Ropes

30FT Metal Plate Push (45#)

90FT Single-Arm Farmer Carry (45FT Right /45FT Left)

Alternate with teammates to rest between rounds.

Tuesday (2018OCT02) – WOD


Work on Ring or Bar Muscle Ups

10x EMOM:

3x Toe-Through-Rings or Toes-To-Bar

3x Hips-To-Rings or Hips-To-Bar


3 Minutes to work on Muscle Up Transitions.



5 Rounds:

100M Sandbag Run (60/40#)

7x Front Squats (185/125#)

200M Run

21x AbMat Sit Ups

Take bar from the rack.


WOD: “Deputy Swag” (2013OCT22 / 2011NOV07 / 2010NOV01) from CFMK

Saturday (2018SEP29) – TeamWOD


Teams of 3:


10Cal Row (Each Teammate)

10x Box Jump Overs (24/20″) (Each Teammate)

20x Handstand Push Ups (Team)

Each Round:

+ 2Cal. Row

+ 2x Box Jump Overs

+ 4x HSPU


WOD: Coach Lena did this workout at CrossFit Vise.

Friday (2018SEP28) – “CrossFit.com 161126”


5 Rounds:

30s Handstand on Wall Stepping Up & Down on a Plate (25-45#)

Rest 1 Minute

MOD: If this is too advanced, put pull up bar at ankle height. Work on shifting body and picking up your hands.



CrossFit.com 161126

10 Rounds:

30s Burpees

Rest 30s

30s DB Thrusters (35/25#)

Rest 30s