Monday (2019AUG12) – WOD


Accumulate 2 Minutes Each: 

  • Nose-&-Toes
  • L-Sit

Alternate as Needed. 



7 Rounds: 

30s Buprees

30s Stone-to-Shoulder (115/70#)*

Rest 2 Minutes


*Sandbag-Over-The-Shoulder (100/60#) as a Modification. 

Saturday (2019AUG10) – “The SISU Separator”


The SISU Separator” (SISU Summer Throwdown)

Teams of 2:

60x Toe-to-Bar

50x Shoulder-to-Overhead (RX: 135/95#) (Inter: 115/80#) (Sc: 95/65#)

40x CTB Pull Ups (Inter: Chin Over Pull Ups) (Sc: KB Swings@55/35#)

30x Power Snatches  (RX: 135/95#) (Inter: 115/80#) (Sc: 95/65#)

20x Bar Muscle Ups (Inter: CTB Pull Ups) (Sc: Pull Ups)

10x Clusters  (RX: 135/95#) (Inter: 115/80#) (Sc: 95/65#)


12 Minute Time Cap.


WOD from CrossFit SISU


No Yoga Today! 


Friday (2019AUG09) – WOD

We are starting a new strength cycle today!

There will be one day per week dedicated to the strength with a main lift and accessory work (EMOM). Each of the strength days will be followed by an endurance workout (body weight exercises, core, burpees, rowing, ski erg, airdyne, running, sprints, distance, etc.) . If endurance is your focus, get your strength sets in, but hammer the endurance & breathe hard. 



High Bar Back Squat @70% (2x5)

Hight Bar Back Squat @75% (3x3)


Strength Accessories: 

10x EMOM (Alternating):

Bent Over Barbell Row – Medium Wt. (5x5)

Strict Press @65% (5x5)



10x E45sO45s:

100M Run

Rest 2 Minutes.

10x E45sO45s: 

5x Burpees 

50M Run

Rest 2 Minutes.


Plank Hold


If short on time, do 5 Rounds instead of 10 Rounds. 

Thursday (2019AUG08) – WOD


Split Jerk Drills (10 Minutes)



3 Rounds (ALL OF IT):


Ring Muscle Ups

Rest 1 Minute.


Row (Calories)

Rest 2 Minutes.


3x Power Cleans (185/125#)

2x Front Squats (185/125#)

1x Jerk (185/125#)

5x Box Jumps (30/24″)

Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds. 



ROMWOD or Mobilize as time allows. 

Wednesday (2019AUG07) – WOD


5x EMOM: 

5x Power Snatches (Light Weight / TNG)

Rest 1 Minute.

5x EMOM:

3x Power Snatches (Moderate Weight / TNG)

Rest 1 Minute.

10x E30sO30s (5 Minutes):

1x Power Snatch (Heavy Weight)

Rest 1 Minute.

5x EMOM:

5x Power Snatches (Light Weight – Same Weight as first EMOM / TNG)


WOD from CrossFit Mayhem. Recommended by Coach Eli.


Core Stability: 

20s Single-Arm Hip Extension Hold (Each)

20x L-Sit Straight Leg Raises w/Overhead Wallball Hold (Alternating)

20x Rotational Wallball Slam + Throw (Each) (Throw at Brick Wall Only!)


Tuesday (2019AUG06) – WOD


Hang Power Snatch (High Hang) + Squat Snatch @65% 5x (2+3)



3 Rounds: 

10x TTB

10x Burpees

10x Pull Ups

100M Run


WOD from Coach Missy. 

Monday (2019AUG05) – WOD


3 Rounds: 

10x Single-Arm KB Snatches (70/55#) (5 Each Arm)

15x Ring Dips 

20x Single-Arm KB Thrusters (70/55#) (10 Each Arm)

Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds. 



10 Minutes:

Handstand Walking 

(Hollow Position / Kick Ups / Nose-&-Toes / Shoulder Taps / Feet Docking)

Saturday (2019AUG03) – “Jenny’s Gurdy Blurry Thirty Birthday Workout”


“Jenny’s Gurdy Blurry Thirty Birthday Workout”

400M Run

30x Pull Ups*

30x Alternating DB Snatches (50/35#)

30x Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24″)

800M Run

20x Pull Ups*

20x Alternating DB Snatches (50/35#)

20x Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24″)

1600M Run

10x Pull Ups*

10x Alternating DB Snatches (50/35#)

10x Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24″)

1x Bar Muscle Up


*Light the Candles: 5x Wallballs (20/14#) for every break in the Pull Ups. 



Yoga @ 10:45AM

Friday (2019AUG02) – WOD


3 Rounds: 

25x Double Unders

5x Forward Stick Jumps (24/20″)

Ladder Drill

50M Run

Ladder Drill

5x Forward Stick Jumps (24/20″)

25x Double Unders

Rest as needed between rounds.  



3 Rounds: 

20Cal. Airdyne

10x Stone-to-Shoulders (95/70#)

100FT. Bear Hug Stone Carry @ Chest (95/70#)


WOD from Marcus Filly