Missy has always had a passion for health and fitness, played many different sports growing up, and has a degree in Exercise Science from Missouri State University. Before CrossFit, Missy was a competitive endurance racer and trained other endurance athletes for adventure races, triathlons, marathons and ultra-marathons. She has also worked in personal training and owned her own training business. 

Missy found CrossFit and started following main-site workouts in the winter of 2012 after losing her father suddenly and unexpectedly. She needed something new to focus on, and CrossFit saved her.

She made her way into her first CrossFit gym in the fall of 2013 and by the spring of 2014 obtained her CrossFit L1 Training Certificate.

Missy came to CrossFit WatchTower upon its opening in November 2015. Since then, she participated in one of the first CrossFit Adaptive Training Specialty Courses and has also taken the Be Your Own Body Guard Workshop, along with many of the online courses CrossFit offers. She is currently a CrossFit L2 Trainer and is looking forward to taking her L3 certification in the near future.