Class Schedule

5:45 am
7:15 am
9:30 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:30 pm
6:30 pm
7:30 pm
  • During CrossFit Classes, people are also able to used the facility for Open Gym, Weightlifting, or Powerlifting. CrossFit Classes take precedence with space and equipment.

CrossFit (CF)

Our CrossFit classes start with a dynamic warm up & mobility based on the Workout Of the Day (WOD). Typically, we have a skill or strength portion, followed by the Metabolic Conditioning CrossFit WOD. CrossFit to better help you increase your Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domains, or as we like to call it, Fitness.


Open Gym (OG) (Weightlifting + Powerlifting Strength Room)

The Strength Room at CFWT is dedicated to improving your mechanics & strength across the board.  We have a community of Weightlifters & Powerlifters. You can pick the program you want to follow. CFWT provides numerous specialty bars (Duffalo bar, safety squat bar, Olympic Weightlifting bars, Powerlifting bars) & specialty equipment (bands, chains, yokes, sleds, stones, etc.). The Strength Room can be used anytime during regular CrossFit Classes or Open Gym. CrossFit Classes take precedence over equipment & space.


Sober Thursday

This class is a Free class for anyone and everyone that is at least 48 hours in Recovery from any and all addictions.