Dr. Zach Harmon
Locations: Zach Harmon is at CrossFit WatchTower on Thursdays.
Contact: zharmon@trustrengthrehab.com 


Zach is Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength coach. He has an enormous passion for human performance and health. Zach’s background in athletics was football, basketball, track, and martial arts.  Also, he currently enjoys dabbling in local Power and Olympic lifting competitions. Zach has been published in research for the work he did in doctorate school with Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation. Click here to access it. 

Zach grew up in a strength and conditioning gym because his father owned and operated one. He learned early on how to successful coach and mentor athletes to achieve their goals, whether with regular people wanting to get fit or collegiate and professional athletes wanting to compete at the highest level. Zach coached and trained athletes for 7 years before wanting to go back to school and learn more about physical therapy to be able to bridge the gap between the medicine world and the fitness world. 

He specializes in CrossFit, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, and any strength athlete. Zach has worked with a wide array of athletic backgrounds including arm wrestlers, soccer players, baseball players, and more. He also enjoys working with regular people who just want to improve their health and performance.