-Quick little bit of help needed, Carey Peterson is looking for any and all photos and footage of my pre-wheelie days of CrossFit to finish his project.  If any of you guys have anything please get it to me so I can give it to him, even if it’s embarrassing…… well knowing you guys especially if it embarrassing. Thanks!


No Classes till 4:30 today, enjoy an easy morning.



5 Rounds

ME Bench at BW/75% BW

ME Kipping Pullups (No Butterfly- let’s build some skill & strength)

  • Immediately go from Bench to Pullups, but can rest up to 3 mins between rounds



Power Snatch <7 attempts

3RM- No TnG


Power Clean & Push Jerk <7 attempts

3RM- No TnG


Weighted Pullups

5x3 HAP


Hip Extensions

4x15 SAC (Slow and Controlled)