Don’t forget gals and guys, We have started offering Coach Approved Open Gym time from 12-2 on Sundays!

Everyone can come in work on a skill, make up a WOD they thought looked fun, or make up some weightlifting you missed that week, BUT everything you do must be approved by the coach running the Open Gym. If they coach, knowing what the workouts are coming up the following week, says, “No” to something you want to do, that’s it end of story DO NOT argue with them because it’s probably for your own good.

Also be respectful of the coach and the fact that they are at WatchTower on a Sunday to have these extra Open Gym hours. ¬†Please do not show up at 1:50 and expect the coach to stay past 2 o’clock.

So come work on some skill, hit a WOD, or just mobilize/recover and hang out.  See you gals and guys tomorrow!