Teams of 2:

Teammate #1: 1-Mile Run

Teammate #2: 2000M Row

Upon Return…


Sandbag Thrusters (70/50#)

Synchronized Over-the-Sandbag Burpees


100x Pull Ups


Sandbag Thrusters: Two Sandbags will be attached with a carabiner. The connected sandbag thruster will start on the shoulders (Right or Left) of both partners with a squat. After extension, the sandbag will be passed to the other shoulder of both partners to start the next rep.

Synchronized Burpees: Chest of both partners must touch the ground at the same time and jump (with both feet) at the same time.

Pull Ups (chin over): Split up the 100 pull ups between partners as needed. One person works at a time.



High Bar Back Squat@60%1RM (6x1) E30sO30s. No Racking the Bar. Goal is to have time under tension.

1RM Snatch Pull + Snatch + Snatch Balance

1RM Clean Pull + Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Deficit Clean Pulls@100%+ (3x3) Working Up.

CMI2: Bilateral Farmer Carry (3x45s)

250M Walking Lunges (45/35#)