***Last Day to Sign Up for Bod Pod (2017FEB18)***

(CFWT Membership Not Necessary)

Don’t Forget tomorrow we will be retesting the Whole30 Workout tomorrow (Thursday) so don’t go off the hinges¬†immediately¬†when you wake up! Come work out first!!!


E20sO20s: Banded Hip Bridges (10x3)

3xME Hip Bridges (Per Leg)


CrossFit Mainsite 161210

3 Rounds:

400M Run

15x Pull Ups

50x Air Squats

15x Pull Ups


Push Press + Jerk Behind Neck + Split Press BN

4 x (2+2+2)

Power Clean + Front Squat + Clean + Jerk (3sec Pause in Split)

5 x (1+1+1+1)

Hang Snatch High Pulls, Flat Footed

4 x 4 HBP

Front Squat

75% x 4 x 4


2 x ME


With Sling Shot

2 x ME

Seated Bandy Rows x 300

Bandy Pull Aparts x 200

CrossFit Englewood CO