Teams of 3:

20x Burpees Over the Box (24/20″)

20x Shoulder-to-Overhead (95/65#)

20x KB Swings (70/55#)*

40x Burpees Over the Box (24/20″)

40x Shoulder-to-Overhead (95/65#)

40x KB Swings (70/55#)*

60x Burpees Over the Box (24/20″)

60x Shoulder-to-Overhead (95/65#)

60x KB Swings (70/55#)*


Each Teammate has 30 seconds to do work (30s ON/60s OFF). Teammates must stay in the order established at the beginning of the workout. Reps must be completed in the given order. 

KB Swing Modification: Do a heavier weight Russian KB Swing, rather than a lighter American KB Swing.