Today, we have a friendly competition to help J Dawg with the medical expenses of his bicep surgery.
This competition will have 2 Events. The CrossFit Total. The Beer Mile. You can participate in just the CrossFit Total or just The Beer Mile, but you will be ineligible for prizes. Buy Tickets HERE.


Event #1: CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total Rules

1RM Back Squat 

1RM Strict Press

1RM Deadlift (Double Overhand / Conventional Only)

Overall Basics: We will follow the rules (in the link above) with a couple of changes. Individuals/Teams have 45 minutes (total time) to find your 1RM in all 3 lifts. Time can be divided as each team/individual decides. Lifts must stay in order (Back Squat / Strict Press / Deadlift). Gear: Raw Standards. Belts, Wrist Wraps, Sleeves, Tall Socks (Deadlift). No Straps. You may change your shoes for each lift. Teams are allowed 1 barbell per team.  Teammates do not have to stay in a particular order, but once one lift is finished, they cannot return to it if time allows. 


Event #2: The Beer Mile

The Beer Mile Rules

4 Rounds: 

Drink a Beer

400M Run

Overall Basics: We will follow the rules above. BYOB for all teams (12oz cans or larger). If you do not bring your own beer, CFWT will supply some for you, but I can promise you it will not be good. Don’t drink? It is okay. Do the beer mile with La Croix. Just remember, these 12 ounce curls are for J Dawg. It is every man/woman for his/herself – teams will follow the individual rules for The Beer Mile. If you are on a team, all teammates will get an individual time for the beer mile. Those times will be added together for your score. There is a 400M penalty at the end for puking. 


Prizes: TBD & the satisfaction that J Dawg can flex again.


Team / Individual Ticket Options: 

Individual Athlete (M/F)

Teams of 2 (MM / FF / MF)

Teams of 4 (MMMM / FFFF / MMFF)

As a team or individual you can do the CrossFit Total Only or The Beer Mile Only if you do not want to participate in both events. 


Ticket Prices:

Entire Event: $40.00 per person (team or individual)

CrossFit Total Only: $30.00 per person (team or individual)

The Beer Mile Only: $30.00 per person (team or individual).