Drill Weekends’ WOD this month is “Kellam”.  Go Check out the Link to learn more about Drill Weekends.
Curtis Kellam

Dates: ‪09/2004-09‬/2012
Rank: SGT (E-5)

Curtis was stationed in Ft. Bragg, NC. He completed basic training in 2004 & went on the join the 82nd Airborne division in 2005. Curtis served multiple deployments during his enlistment in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He completed Psychological Operations Specialist training, including Russian Special Operations Language Training, in 2010 and maintained this title until separation in 2012.
He is survived by his mother, Robin Kellam and sister, Bobbi Kellam who both reside in Virginia Beach, VA.

Curtis was a smart, funny, hard working man loved by all who knew him. He was born in Virginia Beach, VA & moved to Key west in the beginning of 2017. He completed EMT at the College of the Florida Keys and attended Florida State Fire College in 2018 where he completed FIRE I & II. Curtis had a huge passion for fitness and had been doing crossfit since he moved back to Virginia Beach in 2012. Aside from fitness Curtis loved photography, being on the water, music & poetry, making people laugh, being a dog dad and pursuing a new career as a firefighter/EMT.

Unfortunatley Curtis also suffered from TBI, PTSD & depression as a result of his service which eventually won the internal battle. Curtis was a true Warrior, but no battle should ever be fought alone. There are great organizations out there that want to help and people that want the same.



Teams of 2:

1 Mile Run (4x400M)

30 Clean & Jerks 135/95#

30 Bar Muscle Ups

Teammate #1 runs 400M while Teammate #2 works on Clean & Jerks & Bar Muscle Ups. Switch every 400M. Partition Clean & Jerks & Bar Muscle Ups however you decide. 

100Cal Bike (120Cal. Row)

30 Burpees

9 Rope Climbs

Teammate #1 bikes while Teammate #2 works on Burpees & Rope Climbs. Switch as needed. Partition Burpees & Rope Climbs however you decide. 


You can buy a “Kellum” Shirt HERE. All proceeds from shirts will go to a special gift towards Crossfit Mile Zero & for Curtis’s family