To Our CFWT Community,
As of now, we are keeping the CrossFit Watchtower doors open. We urge you to be safe. If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone sick, please do not come to the gym. If you feel the need to avoid CFWT for the safety of your health & family, we understand. We are here to promote a healthy lifestyle during this time & want the best for our community.
To continue serving our members, we will post a home workout alongside our daily workouts.  The home workouts can be performed with things around your house, so don’t worry about equipment needs to complete them. We want you to have a strong immune system by getting enough sleep, clean eating, & exercise. In the gym, we will also take extra precautions for our members.
Remaining open is subject to change based on CDC recommendations. Please keep checking the website & social media for updates on the gym’s situation. Feel free to reach out with any comments or concerns. We thank you for understanding. CFWT is grateful for all of our CrossFit WatchTower family members!



12mim EMOM Alt

  • 40s Back Scale (20s each leg)
  • ME L-Sit



For Time:

35 Overhead Squats 115/75#

25 CTB Pull Ups

15x Hang Power Cleans 115/75#

100M Farmer Carry 32/24kg



At Home Workout:

2 Rounds:

35 Jumping Lunges

25 V-Ups

15 Tempo Push-ups 5151

100M Odd Object Carry