Dumbbells, Kettlebell

Home Options:

some equipment suggestions: kettlebell, Backpack with weight , weight vest, dog food bag, sand bag , banded squats, soup cans ect. 


0:00 – 5:00 

Whiteboard review

Coach will go over the Plan for the Day

Warm up: 5:00- 15:00

Full Gym

10 Min EMOM

10 Kb swing, 

50 ft run ( 25ft out 25ft back) 

Partial Gym

10 Odd object swing

50 ft run

No Gym

15 air squats

10 seconds high knees


15:00 – 20:00

Teach movements


Focus: 20:00-36:00


EVEN: 8 Glute bridge 2 legs & 4 Left leg 4 right leg (pause 3 secs at top of the bridge)  (16 reps total) 

ODD: 30-45 second Hollow holds or Hollow rocks


36:00 – 40:00

Teach movements


WOD: 40:00-56:00  (10-12 minute Couplet)

Full Gym

Amrap 11: (aiming for 8-10 rds+)

10 Db thrusters

8 Burpees over Db

Rx 50/35

Scale 35/20 or lighter

Partial Gym

10 odd object thrusters ( dog food, backpack ect) 

8 burpees over object

No Gym

10 squat jumps (2 hands reach to 6” target) 

8 Burpees over anything


Recover: 56:00-60:00

Coach led stretch


Below are the meeting id’s for Zoom.  Please download the app, setup an account (it’s free), and put in the meeting ID.  The password for these classes will always be the one that was sent to you in your emails.  If you want to join and didn’t get the email, please text me at (636)279-0611.


Times for Monday, March 23, 2020


Coached By CrossFit Indestri

Meeting ID: 757-725-909



Coached By Neuse River

Meeting ID: 794-586-389



Coached By CrossFit WatchTower

Meeting ID: 393-480-011



Coached By CrossFit Indestri

Meeting ID: 219-208-173


Check tomorrow’s post for tomorrow’s coaching schedule AND Meeting IDs.