Don’t forget we have Friday Night Lights tonight starting at 4:30pm till 7:30pm and we can hang out after!  Come be a part of the Worldwide CrossFit Community AND hang out and cheer on your WatchTower Family as they take on this workout.  The only difference for Friday Night lights is that instead of classes we will have a prescribed warmup and will be running people through heats of the workout.  We hope you come hang out before and stay after to have some fun with everyone.  Feel free to bring drinks, snacks, etc. in anticipation for a good time

We will be having Friday Night Lights for the next 3 weekends, so February 25, March 4, and March 11.  Get signed up HERE and let’s have some good Ol’ Fashioned CrossFit Community Fun!


CrossFit Games Open 22.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches
15 box jump-overs
50/35lb dumbbell, 24/20in box